What Should I know before starting creatine?

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So I’ve been weight training for about a year or so. Haven’t tried a supplement yet and I try to get in all my protein from my diet itself. However, people at my gym have been suggesting me to supplement with creatine to further improve on my lifts and I quite considering it to be honest. The only concern I have is do you get overly reliant on it once you start taking creatine? Or can you cycle it off at your own convenience? I was researching about it the other day and bookmarked an article where it says your appearance kind of shrinks when you stop using it. Is it true? Are there more concerns that I should be aware of?

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Creatine is perhaps the most thoroughly researched workout supplement on the planet. The general consensus is that it’s safe as long as you don’t have kidney problems and don’t overdo it. Also, cycling on and off is fine – creatine has no addictive properties. Here’s a paper by the International Society of Sports Nutrition on creatine’s safety and effectiveness: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5469049/

Many people report that going on creatine quickly causes a few pounds of weight gain. That’s because creatine makes you retain a bit more water than usual. When you stop using creatine, the water weight comes off. There’s no harm associated with it, as far as I’ve heard.

To be 100% safe, you might run this question past your family doctor. That’s what I did before my son started using creatine as a high school junior. Our doctor was fine with it, and suggested adding a whey protein shake to my son’s workout regimen to ensure he was getting enough extra protein to support muscle growth.

I’ve found that 2.5-5 mg/day of creatine seems to do the trick in terms of enhancing strength training sessions. I’m in my 50’s. I take 2.5 mg/day.

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