What should i keep or get rid of?

Im a 14 year old left handed pitcher who is learning how to throw a splitter(okay) Cutter(pretty good) Sinker (Okay) Knuckle Curve (Great). And i already throw a 4-seam fastball that moves into a lefty (best pitch) a curveball and I throw a changeup that im now making into a pretty good Circle changeup. So what pitches should i keep and what pitches should i get rid of?

I would say you should keep the pitches that work for you, and then work to master them… I would of course keep ur fastball (2 and 4 seam), and 3 other pitches that work the best for you. I think more than 4 different pitches is a little too much to master.

I don’t think you have too many pitches in your repertoire. I’d say hold on to all of them, at least for now, and then see what happens. If you find you’re having trouble with one of them, lose it. Otherwise, you’ve got a great arsenal there. Don’t forget, change speeds on all of them, and you’ll have twice as many pitches! :slight_smile:

Thanks guys!

Well hang onto, and work on all your fastballs (4Seam, Cut, Sink) because if you can get them all moving well and locate them decently enough, your going to be tough to hit. Not many pitchers can run the ball and cut the ball effectively, its a great weapon if you can. I’m not sure, but it seems you throw two curves, a knuckle and a traditional? If thats true, pick one and develop it, unless there somehow two very different pitches (Like a slow looper and a hard breaker), because theres no need to have two very similar pitches in your repetoire. Beyond that, sometimes a good change and a split can be too close to one another in terms of velocity and break, I had the same problem and decided to stick with the split, because it had more movement, but I wouldn’t say you should drop one. Thats alot of pitches for a 14 year old, but I would stick with all of them and see which ones develop the best.