What should i focus on?

im 15 in jersey going to be a sophmore a lefty pitch a 4 seam cutter curve and circle change i say i throw about mid 70’s… should i focus on mastering the pitches velocity or???

I’d say that’s a pretty reasonable arsenal. Now just focus on movement and control while your pitching bullpens and work on strength training and your mechanics in any other free time you have.

i just recentely added the cutter to my aresenal im still trying to get a feel for it

does anyone know the best grip for a cutter without snapping your wrist mine right now is i put my fingers together inbetween the seams like the sinker but put my thumb about 3 o’clock n put pressure on it and my index finger

Here are a few different grips:


right now focus on control of those pitches you have. a good located fastball and changeup are a good combo