What should i expect my weight to do?

hey everybody. im on my second week of tuffcuff (phase 1). at the beginning of my first week, i started iff 146, now that number went up to 147, then down to 144 (which it currently stands at). now my goal is to gain muscle, but i clearly have some fat on the body, and idk if im supposed to expect my weight to go down first, then just eventually start going up. please help!

Well my initial guess about your first gain and loss would be water weight, you weigh different amounts throughout the day. You’ll weigh more at the beginning of your workout than immediately after because you’ll sweat off a lot of water, then if you rehydrate after working out you’ll see your weight go up. Physiologically your body can only metabolize enough protein to put on 1lb of muscle in 1 week with some minor variation depending on your body. If you have a lot of fat to start then you’re body will burn that up very readily if you are pushing your body, if your weight continues to go down then you may just be losing fat and not gaining any muscle. Depending on your diet your body may not be able to gain muscle if it isn’t getting enough protein. The way you are working out could be a factor as well. If your workouts are long and at a steady pace you are going to burn fat and not put on much muscle, you may get stronger but you won’t see the big muscular difference and your weight will remain consistent or steadily drop. If your training has an interval approach then you are going to burn fat very effectively and put on a lot of muscle (provided your diet allows it).