What should i eat and when?

I am playing baseball (representitive 1 level under state), can only use wooden bats
I lift 3x per week (mon - heavy , Wed - light, Fri - Medium)
I train aerobically 3x per week (agility, sprints, endurance)
And longtoss 5x per week
bullpen 1-2 time per week.

i was wondering (livn in Australia) What i should be eating?
before and after meals?

does any one have a “Diet” or “eating program” that they wouldnt mind sharing?

Or would someone help me creat one, or give me some guidelines?

thanks heaps!

well, ive learned that protein is very good to take before and after workouts. Regular chicken breast is the best protein because it is low in fat and calories, and a protein shake is always good. Just dont go over the limit of protein in one intake, which is about 35 grams, or else you’ll have to do number 2 :wink: