What should I do?

Alright I’m 12 years old now and i’m wondering what kind of food and excercise i need specifically i’m not sure if im overweight or not im 122 pounds and i am 12 so can you help me please.

Well, first off how tall are you?

Secondly, why are you so worried about how you look? You are 12. Your body is still growing. If you get crazy cutting calories then the body cant grow to its full potential. If your weight is a problem, look for factors other than food (You need lots of food, if you havent gotten that yet :smiley: ). Do you drink soda? Switch to diet soda, or better yet water.
Do you eat chips, fries, fried foods? Limit the amount of those foods (couple times a week).

I would bet you anything that just laying off of soda for a month will make you feel a hundred times better. One you combine that with eating well, you will be a machine. Muscles and weight shouldnt be an issue for you at this point. You need to focus on staying healthy and active, then that stuff will take care of itself.
Go out and have fun this summer 8)

I’m 5’3 or 5’4.

I dont really care that much what i LOOK like but i care that im in shape so ill be beter at sports.

hehhehe i’m in Junior high I’m not Babe Ruth no mo… 8)

Just dropping soda could do a lot for you. My cousin droped over 5 pounds in a few months after cutting out pop, and it wasn’t any negative loss at all since all he removed was the excess sugar his body was storing.

I have dropped soda most of the way, and all though it didn’t change weight, my days don’t have as bad of energy cycles do to sugar highs and lows.

Yeah I’ve stopped soda and i’m not tired anymore I hav’en lost any weight yet but I have seem to start running faster