What should I do?

I made a topic here about my shoulder before (sorry should have been in the Pitching Injuries section but I forgot) and I have a quick question

I can still feel a pain in my shoulder (sometimes kinda bad. Like how it felt in the game Tuesday [the day I first felt the pain]) and I will pitch 2 innings tomorrow (that’s all the innings I have left this week until they reset Monday). The thing is the harder I throw the less I feel it. I played third and during warm ups if I made a hardish throw I didn’t feel anything but if I threw it with half effort or something I could feel it (like I said before sometimes I could feel it a lot).

My question was should I try and pitch tomorrow (because I don’t really feel it when I try and throw harder) or could this be serious and should I not pitch since I have felt this since Tuesday. I was told to rest and I did but I still feel it in the shoulder.

I would go to a sports doctor before you try and throw

Describe what the pain is like and wear it is?

Sorry its been a while but heres an update. I decided to go ahead and pitch (yeah yeah I know probably a stupid move) but I promised to say whenever I had pain. 2 innings pitched (all the innings I had left) and 6K pain inthe 2nd inning but never said anything (most likely another stupid move) then I went to 3rd base and it was painful to throw to first. Didn’t say anything at first and then I did but we run ruled them and I didn’t have to go back out.

So yesterday I went to work with my dad at a motor repair (sump pump, pool pumps stuff like that). My shoulder felt weird in the morning and I didn’t really do anything to cause any pain. Today I wake up and feel fine. I started to stretch and I rasied my arm slowish because when ever I did I use to feel a little pain. I got nothing. took it as a good sign but then I made a throwing motion at full speed and when my arm got parallel with my head is where I first felt it. Very quick sharp pain at the edge of my shoulder like where it was last week.

So one week later pain in the same spot I think I’m gonna tell my mom again since I told her it wasn’t hurting. (Most likely: my mom says take it easy and maybe you shouldn’t pitch, I say I want to, my dad says fine if you pitch whenever you feel pain tell us.)

I think I might have pulled a muscle in my shoulder. I did pull once in my back this year on 2nd to last day of tryouts for school and it hurt like a mother to move a lot. I started to throw easy and got back to throwing harder and I felt fine after that (tryouts were after school and all through the school day it hurt…pretty interesting experience…) I was hoping that my shoulder would do the same thing as my back where if I threw lightly and got into throwing harder it would be fine but so far it looks like it wont be the same.

Sounds a bit like the tendonitis i have
does in hurt on the inside part of uyour shoulder?
and does it hurt to touch you other shoulder blade behind your back? If so that sounds like what I did, and i went to teh doctor and got a prescription for this ointment, and now it feels almost perfect, and i got the ointment thursday night

Yes, go to a doctor

We really don’t know any sports doctors around here or anything like that but I tried to get an appiontment with the doctor we go to (its with a physical check up cause my mom wanted to get that out of the way at the same time) only problem is the earliest opening is August 16th at 9:30. As of now that when I am going but thats in a long time. Should I just stay with that appointment or what?