What should I do?

Hey I’m a 14 yr. old lefty and I need some advice. I’ve improved a ton in my first yr. playing baseball. Gone from throwing low 70-s with no control to high 70’s to low 80’s with good control.

My question involves football. I like playing football and I made varsity this year but its not as important to me as baseball. Ive suffered several injuries playing football including 3 concussions, a broken finger on my pitching hand which is still swollen, and a back that was stiff for months after football.

I’m wondering if I should give up football and concentrate on baseball. I figure that if I keep working hard and improving I might have a shot at playing some small-medium sized college baseball which I would love.

What do you guys think I should do?

for one i dont think you throw that fast at that age.

for you question, i gave up softball, and AFL(aussie rules football) to play baseball cos its wat i wanted most. on that note its up to you, it doesnt matter if you might have a chance to play collegeball, it matters what you feel is better