What should I do?

Hey I’m a lefty and I’m 14 yrs. old. Ths is my first yr. playing and I’ve made a lot of progress. I’ve gone from throwing low 70’s with bad control to high 70’s-low 80’s with good control.

My question is that I play football too, and I enjoy playing it but its not as fun as baseball. I played varsity football this yr. but I think I’m gonna be better at baseball than football in the long run. I get banged around a lot in football tho. I’m a running back I’ve had a broken finger on my pitching hand whch is still swollen, 3 concusiions, and my back was stiff for months after football ended.

I would like to focus on baseball because I think that if I work hard I may have a future in baseball, like playing small-medium sized college ball.

I’m wondering if I should give up football and focus on baseball? What should I do?