What should I do

I’m new to the boards and I’ve got a bit of a dilemna.

I’m 19, 215lbs, and 6 foot 5.

I’ve been playing baseball for fun for my entire life and only in leagues when I was little. Recently I began playing some intermural games at my college and the real team’s coach was watching and noticed that I had a really sick Cut Fastball(I can throw it about 78-80 with about a 4 inch break to the left)

Hearing this from the coach made me begin to think about going out for the team next year and to begin training now.

I currently lift weights and do cardio 5 days a week.

My problem is…

-What sort of training regimin should I go into to begin working out my shoulder.
-My only pitch right now is the Cutter, from being a die hard fan two of my favorite pitches are the Slider, Sinker, and changeup. I can throw a decent 4-seam fastball but its not overpowering and its pretty flat when it comes to movement. Could someone give me some advise or a link on the mechanics and grip the Slider, Sinker and changeup and some general advise on how to get my 4-seam better.

Thanks guys


Here’s some exercises for the shoulder. Click on the videos to see the tubing and 5-lb dumbbell exercises.

Here’s some information on pitching grips.