What should I do?

This past week we had a major winter storm (4 inches of solid sleet)and now I dont have any access to the weight room or someone to throw with for atleast another week. All I have at home is my rubber tubing,and light weight dumbbells, but i dont just want to sit around and do nothing. Any suggestions?

pushups, dips from a chair, bodyweight squats squating to the floor.
dumbell lunges, natural glute-ham raises.


Also you can do some stretching as well, hop around some, "jumping jacks, skips, squat jumps) and then get a decent static, or dynamic stretch in.

I guess you’ll have to hold of with the throwing but you could do some body wieght stuff, and you can find lots of good exercises using milk jugs on the internet.

aight thanx for the info

Google “Throwers Ten” and do that workout. It’s a great conditioning program for both and and out of season. Also, Steven’s book “Tuff Cuff” has a lot of good stuff in it.