What Should i do?

My season has recently ended and now we are going into all-stars. Im on the 13 year old all-star team. For some reason my fastball has slowed down to around 40-45 MPH. My usual 4 seamer can be throw around 60 to 65 MPH. I was pitching in the all-star game and didn’t know what to do. My fastball was incredibly slow. It was then when i started to use my curveball. It worked great and was rarely hit, but I’m afraid that I’m starting to throw it earlier than i should. Is this True…?

That could be it. Usually curveballs aren’t advised before 14 years old, and most of the time after that. At 13 you should still be working on just fastballs and changeups. You might want to see a doctor if you continue to throw that slowly(could be an arm problem).

I agree because somebody doesn’t lose that kind of velocity for no reason. And I would definitely not throw the curveball yet. You might think that your fine now and it doesn’t hurt your arm but it will take a toll on your arm in the future and you don’t want that.

you guys are right…pitching in an all-star game isn’t as important as my future… thanks for the advise…but do you think around 65 is a good speed for a 13 year old lefty?

Well its definitely not slow for your age. A number of things could be the problem, did you change your mechanics at all? Do you have any soreness more than usual? How much baseball have you played for the past year have you played nonstop for more than a few months? It could be as simple as just some much needed rest.

Yea…I’ve played baseball nearly every day since mid april

I think you could just be burned out. Maybe you need some rest.

yea… that sounds about right… but i didnt think i would lose 20 MPH on a fastball no matter how burned out my arm was…