What should i do to get more velocity?

I can throw pretty good for my age clocking around the low 70’s to high 60’s at age 14 and im 5’11" and about 140lb. I’m working on balance now and exploding into the throw, landing on the balls of my feet, keeping my elbow above my shoulder or at shoulder level, and having my arms mirror each other. i was just wondering what else i should work on.

focus on your follow through thats one of the major importances of gaining velocity

You should focus on separation and late rotation. Try to get the maximum separation between your front hip and your back shoulder and then delay the shoulder rotation as long as possible. This has the effect of “stretching the rubberband” and then letting it snap.

what are you doing training wise?
how commited are you?

thx for the suggestions. and as far as training goes, i dont really know what to do so nothing really besides running when i pitch at home, which is just a couple laps around my 1 acre yard. and i am VERY COMMITED, i just need to know what to do. i usually spend hours just researching the art of pitching and i searched for a forum that had some pitching mechanic forum, and this was the one i ended up at. electro, if you would like, you can email me at rckdhouse@aim.com or just i m me at rckdhouse with AIM.

Be careful.

The higher your elbow goes above your shoulder, the greater the risk of shoulder problems.

I agree.

However, you also need to do some exercises to condition the muscles of your shoulder (e.g. rotator cuff) so that they can handle the increased stress that comes with throwing harder.

excersizes like what?

I found these:

Also check this post I made:


See if it helps.

thx for the posts everyone i really appreciate it, also for anyone who looks at this article, plz remember that even though the topic went of to exercises that i still also want mechanical suggestions, but both are fine.