What should i do? please help

I’m a junior on my high school’s varsity team. I throw the ball between 77-80 mph with a solid change and a nasty deuce. I’ve started 3 games (went the distance in all 3) and i’ve done 2 innings of relief. I hate to put the blame on my team, but in my first start my team made 10 errors; 2nd start they made 8 errors; and tonight there was 7 errors. Not only is there errors in each game, but they make stupid plays which looks to me that it’s coming from lack of experience.

The problem is that my coach does nothing except have us take batting practice. We have probably had 2 or 3 actual infield/outfield practices, and it’s clearly showing. It’s very frusterating being on the mound and having easy ground balls turn into singles and doubles.

I want to approach the coach and adress this issue, but I’m not sure how…if anybody has any advice, i would greatly appreciate it

I know how it feels to be pitching a good game and your defense ruins it by making bonehead plays in the field. But there is nothing you can do but just keep pitching like you know how to and put it behind you.

As far as your coach is concerned, I can’t really tell you anything because I dont want you to get benched or anything because he might think you are telling him how to run his practices. But even I gotta say, it is awful coaching to not work on defense and commit that many errors.

I hope it all works out and gets better for you man.

Try to talk to your teammates to get out on the field a bit early and your run some fielding practice before the coach gets out there. Then when he gets there and sees you doing it on your own , he may get the hint.