What should I do about my current set of pitches?

So like my signature says my pitches include:
"power" curve:72-73
Change up(in progress):75(but decreasing)

So my question is should I work on “perfecting” the pitches I do have or work on a new pitch like a split or sumthin

You have a nice assortment of pitches there, so you really don’t need to add any more—just work on perfecting the ones you do have, and pay particular attention to that changeup. Later on, if you find that one of those pitches isn’t working right for you, you might think about working on a new one. But you seem to be all set with these. One thing you need to do: mix them up. Move the ball around, high, low, inside, outside, change speeds, and stay away from the middle of the plate because that is exactly what batters are looking for! And the most important thing is control and command—be sure you’ve got them. 8)

I see no reason to add another pitch! Just continue to work on movement and location on each pitch.
Another thing that I wish alot more players realized, those six pitches you have mentioned can be turned into 10, 11, 12 pitches! How? Vary speeds with the same pitch. When I pitch, my changeup varies from about 72-78, and other pitches the same way. By making little changes like this, a hitter can never get into a true groove with any one pitch.
Good luck

Right on, ish! Long ago, my incredible pitching coach told me that just about any pitch can be turned into a nice changeup, and he demonstrated a few such for me. So when you have, oh say five different pitches, and you can throw them at two or three different speeds, you have almost a closetful of pitches to choose from. The important thing, of course, is control and command.
I don’t know what arm angle(s) he uses, but I can tell you, I was one of those infuriating sidearmers, and as such I had an extra advantage no other type of pitcher has: the crossfire. This is a beautiful and absolutely lethal move that works only with the sidearm delivery, and I fell so in love with it that I used it most of the time—a fact which was not lost on my pitching coach. One day he was helping me resolve a problem I had been having with my circle change, and he said to me “I know you’re going to crossfire it. You use that move with everything you throw.” That move gave me double the number of pitches I already had! 8) :slight_smile:

people see pitches as weapons on a black ops soldier, which ball should i keep? should i trade this for that? is my arsenal good enough? should i add more pitches?

there is no reason for a pitcher to throw anything else than 4/2 seam circle change-up and curveball unless you cannot control them (and by that i mean you worked hard on trying to command it and failed, not just threw it to your buddy in your backyard and wild pitched somes) or you tried something different (cutter, split/fork, slider, screwball, some weird change-up grips) and have a natural feel for it.

personal opinion right here.