What should he work on?

Can you please give me some input, my son is # 25. He throws the first pitch you see. Anything that would help him get better would be great.


That link doesn’t work for me.

I don’t know how to make it work. You can see it on youtube if you type in Michigan Braves. He is # 25, shaggy blonde kid.

thank you

This link will work. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hemEj5Jfm7k

He needs to gain more momentum by drifting when he is lifting his leg up.

This will increase his very short stride and get him more momentum at the hitter and throw harder maybe.

Also Step back not to the side this will help and get everything at the target. and make it easy to drift to the plate when lifting the leg.

Also your son is throwing with all all and upper body no lower body. If you get more momentum by drifting towards the plate when lifting the leg then you will see your son throwing harder then ever before.

Look at the Randy Johnson video at the bottom of the page and how he is drifting while lifting the leg up. Work on it. It takes alot of practice too.

Are there any drills that he should use to train himself to “drift” ? Do you mean that he should kind of fall towards the plate ? I know nothing about pitching, that’s why any info will help greatly. What are your thoughts on his arm ? Anything that we should be concerned with. He is 15years old, 5’8", and about 155lbs.


He isn’t very fluid. I think he may need stronger control of his body overall.

What do you mean about more control of his body ?

There are no drills drifting comes natural I think. Some thing I would tell him to do is step back then come forward this will create momentum towards the plate.

I myself like to give my left leg lift foot a little push but only a little to get the body moving it doesn’t have to be hard just effective in moving the body at the plate fast.

Check out the drills I described in
http://letstalkpitching.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=3572&start=12][u]this thread[/u

core strength/balance sort of dela

Is this {DRIFTING} a new word relative to the pitching motion. When a pitcher takes a stretch position with the pivot foot against the plate side of the rubber and then lifts the lead foot he will fall toward his target as result of GRAVITY.

I think RIstar is using the word “drifting” to mean something much more than simply the effect of gravity. I interpret him to mean an early - before gravity has had a chance to act - as well as aggressive effort to get the center of gravity moving forward.