What should he do?

I have a question regarding whether I should have my son throw a bullpen on one of the two days preceding a playoff game.


  • 8 year old lefty
  • Playing “up” in 9-12 year old LL Minors
  • The regular season is over and we’re in the playoffs
  • It’s hot as hell
  • Recent activity:
    Thursday (last week) - 40 pitch bullpen Friday - heavy team practice Saturday - off Sunday - 40 pitch bullpen Monday - Playoff game, played infield & outfield [b]Tuesday (today) - ??? Wednesday (tomorrow) - ???[/b] Thursday - Slated to pitch in playoff game
QUESTION: What should my son do, or not do, on Tuesday and Wednesday? I’m tempted to rest him both days.


First of all I wouldn’t do too much different than you normally do. I suspect he’s all hyped up for the playoffs and if too much changes from the normal routine it could cause him to tighten up even more. He can read a lot from your demeanor as well.

I don’t think there’d be anything wrong with a little catch in the back yard. If you have any drills that you do you might want to run through those. If you normally do something else just do less of it.

Don’t forget the water- two days before is not too early to begin hydrating. This could have as much impact as anything on his performance- and it will help him recover faster from the heavy weekend.

Thanks, JP. I think I’ll take him out for a light bullpen today so he can rest tomorrow.

Whatever you do with him…make sure he’s having fun.

And post a video of him sometime…I’d like to see this littlelefty throw the rock. :wink: