What should a 13 year old throw?


I’m 13, and I throw 4seam cutter and a splitter, what else to throw?


Change up is always good to have in the arsenal.




I’m also 13 I throw around the mid 50s with around a 40 mph change up and my arsenal is a 4 seam, 2 seam and star changeup along with a 12-6 curve (I only throw it around 1 time an inning to protect my arm) and a sinker. I also have a natural drop and left side movement on my 2 seam. I’ve pitched for 4 years now and my first 3 seasons I only focused on control until just adding these new pitches. Des anyone have any suggestions? ( I play on a 60’ 6" mound with 90’ bases)


4 seam 2 seam change and breaking ball. That’s it. Bag everything else. Split is very bad for your elbow. A Cut fastball is not something a 13 year old should be messing with. Both pitches at your age should not be used. I am an ex professional pitcher, currently 15 years coaching youth / HS / College baseball. Currently have a 13u team in NY.


+100%. Cutter and splitter are not for a 13YO arm… 2seam, 4seam, change, curve if you want…


I’m 13 I throw a fastball, curve, sinker, changeup. I also have a cutter, but I can’t control it yet. I throw in the mid to high 60s with ease.