What pitches you use the most

I just use a splitter, fastball, and a changeup, and want to know what you guy’s use or what you think is best. SOUND OFF!

It’s hard for me to vote because it changes daily. It really depends on what Im throwing really well on a particular day and what type of hitter it is. It’s either the fastball, curveball, or changeup though lol, cuz those are the only pitches I throw.

Fastball, it’s clearly my best pitch and the easiest for me to throw for strikes. I can keep on the outside corner or inside corner making it hard to hit even when looking for it.

Changeup all the time in this situation.
I’ve got a good feel for mine and throw it consistently.

Nothing better than a batter guessing fastball, thinking he got one, only to have swung before the ball even gets to home plate.

It usually depends on the stuff I have on the day. It also depends on how well I know the hitter and if he’s going to be aggressive. I can throw a slider and a fastball anytime for strikes, but if i know he’s going to be aggressive I’ll drop the hammer on the outside corner, or even close enough for a backwards K.

I wish I had great confidence in the changeup, but a lot of times im giving the fastball.

I just pitched a no-hitter last night! 13 K’s, 7 scoreless innings!!! We’re going to the playoffs!!! WOOOHOOO!!!

change up baby!!!

Knuckleball all the way. I throw it about half the time anyway, and on 3 ball counts it’s not usually expected.