What pitches to throw in highschool?


I am 16 and in 10th grade. I throw a 4-seam, a straight curve, and a slider. Is there any other pitches I should throw?


change up


Every pitcher, at whatever level of the game, needs a changeup. You have a whole closetful of them to choose from, so go through them and pick one that you’re comfortable with, work on it and add it to your arsenal. Ideally the speed differential should be considerable—and remember, you have to throw that change with the same arm motion and the same arm speed as your fastball. :baseballpitcher:


The best pitch that you could possibly deliver is a:


Let me elaborate on that. The best pitch in your, or anyone else’s, repertoire—is STRIKE ONE. And then follow that up with STRIKE TWO. Then you have the batter at a disadvantage and can put him away with STRIKE THREE and send him back to his dugout foaming at the mouth and cursing a blue streak. :slight_smile:


I thought in pitching your suppose to throw a ball… :roll:


Of course you’re supposed to throw the ball. You’re supposed to throw it with INTENT. You’re supposed to locate it, preferably where the batter can’t hit it. You’re supposed to throw strikes, or get ground-ball outs. You are NOT supposed to throw it over the backstop screen or into the other team’s dugout. And you are NOT, I repeat NOT, supposed to throw the batter a cookie, especially not on a 3-0 count. 8)


So throw balls , not strikes
Who’s on first?



[size=18]So throw balls , not strikes
Who’s on first?[/size]

I can see where this is going…


Agree. You should be developing a change


A change is probably the best pitch to add, but always a good fastball is the best weapon anyone can have.