What pitches shud i stik with?

I turned 15 a week ago, height 5’10
The pitches im throwin rite now are

  1. 2 and 4 seamers (72-73 MPH)
    2)splitter (around 65-ish, maybe higher, dont throw it a lot)
    3)12-6 curve—needs a bit of work (about 60)
    4)circle changeup (56-57)

Im thinkin of throwin somethin new, probably a breaking ball, another changeup wud be fine too. (palmball, forks, sliders, etc.)

Any advice on what other pitches to throw at my age and would be effective?

One change and one breaking pitch will do you fine. Experiment. See what you like and what feels comfortable. Any curve is a great pitch to master but you have to experiment and find what pitch likes you. No need for more than 1 change-up. I’d be careful with the splitter at your age.

Fastball (both varities)

What arm slot are you using? Did you read Steve’s article about three pitches being enough? I know kids 6’4 in high school that have the finger length but not the finger strength to pull off the splitter. Are your hands exceptionally large and strong? Splitters seem to be hard on the elbow.

What is not happening on your curveball that you deem it needs work, maybe we can help? If you are going for 12-6 break are you throwing over the top?


I remember when I was in my mid-teens, and I didn’t have a fast ball to speak of so I had to go to the breaking stuff early on. I had a good curve ball that, surprisingly, came attached to my natural sidearm delivery, so I worked with it and experimented with changing speeds (it’s all in the grip, you know); I also picked up a palm ball and a knuckle-curve, and when I was sixteen I learned to throw the slider. More would come after that, but those were my four pitches at the time. You should experiment and see for yourself what would be comfortable for you and what you could throw effectively.
You might want to get in touch with a good pitcher who can throw all that stuff and who could help you there. I will never forget the experiences I had with one active major-league pitcher who knew his stuff; he saw where I was coming from and was both ready and willing to help. The slider, by the way, when thrown correctly, is easier on the arm and shoulder than almost any other pitch—when I learned it, my pitching coach told me “Throw it like a curve, but roll your wrist, don’t snap it.” The wrist action is a lot easier, and in a short while it became my strikeout pitch.
Good luck. :slight_smile:

On your poll I voted Knuckleball mainly because that’s my pitch.

Try not to spread yourself thin with too many pitches. I would say in your case you should work on fastball, change-up and then work with a curve or knuckleball, whichever you want, if you’d like to learn the knuckleball I can help you if you wanna’ PM me also there’s this great site www.knuckleballhq.com that really has helped me, I’m registered as Niekrofan13 on there.

whateveer works for you best

ian, answering ur question, im thowing 3 quarters with my curveball…and yea i read part of steves article about throwing a curveball

my problem with the curvaball mainly is my control…when i throw a curve, im having trouble with a lot of things.

first, when i turn my thumb up and my index/middle fingers down (the pulling the blinds motion), for some reason, i cant get that part right, my thumb goes more sideways than up, same with my index/middle fingers.
(about every 3 times i throw a curve, one of them gets thrown wildly…)

also, when im throwing a curve, i give it away cuz my motion is different from my fastball and changeups…my coach has picked taht up.

you need to develop a good fastball command before you worry about breaking stuff. The best way to get batters out is with a well located fastball. If you never develop the fastball command you could be like barry zito. Has great movement on curve and change up but lacks fastball command

You can get some break on a cut fast ball too. I agree with a lot of the other posters. Don’t try to throw every pitch available to perfection. I find you might be average at 5 instead of great at 3?

if you can throw a knuckle use it it is almost unhittable when thrown corectly. The only down side is that its hard to learn if you can throw it use it