What pitches should I throw?


I went to this way cool indoor batting cage that let me throw a bullpen session and the only two pitches I could throw for strikes were my Sinker and my Slurve. I’ll need a third pitch and I struggle with the change up( goes way wide) and I have a 3/4 arm slot so I can’t use my splitter anymore. I have found that I have more velocity with a 3/4 sidearm feel and it doesn’t hurt my arm. Any suggestions?


In my experience, as an ex-3/4 arm slot pitcher, the change up is an excellent pitch to complement a 2seam sinker. However, I also believe it is much more crucial to be able to locate your fastball.
I used the circle change grip, and found it most effective if I felt like I was throwing a fastball with my ring and little finger instead of the index and middle. Practice the grip and release when you are playing catch or warming up. Try to grip the ball in the same orientation as your sinker, in order to get the same spin as the sinker. Practice throwing the change with the same hand speed as your sinker. The whole idea is to make it look like you sinker, but 10mph slower with the loss of leverage from your hand.


I did try that. I don’t know what was wrong with it but every changeup I threw was either spiked in the dirt, or hit the right handed batter. How do I throw that?


Without seeing you throw it, I’ll have to make a couple assumptions. Most pitchers, including myself, tend to shorten their arm when they are learning a change. Some refer to it as shot putting. Any new pitch will require a couple things before you can trust them in a game.

  1. Practice, practice, practice. Most new abilities like walking, talking, writing… require a lot of repetition to master
  2. Should have the same mechanics as your fastball. There should be no difference in your arm slot, arm speed, mechanics in general between any of your pitches. The grip and hand positioning at realese is the only difference.


Try long tossing with your new change up grip before stepping it down to pitching distance.