What pitches should i throw and what shouldent i throw

hey, im 15, im a regular starter for my team i can throw my 4-seam fast ball 78-85 mph, heres the pitches i throw. 4-seam fast ball, 2-seam fast ball, Curve ball, Changeup, Circle changeup, palm ball, curve ball, knuckle curve, knuckle ball, slider, splitter, fork ball, and a screw ball. what pitches will wreck my arm, what pitches should i keep, what should i stop throwing.

Uhhh you have over 10 pitches? How does your catcher give you sign.

Theres no easy way to say this but, you have a lot to learn about pitching. First off you only need 4 or 5 pitches including your 2 fastballs. You shouldn’t throw a slider until your 17, and you shouldn’t really throw a screwball. I wouldn’t throw the Knuckleball, this is a hard pitch to be successful with. And pick your best kind of change, circle or palm.

What pitches do you throw best and which do you locate best?

Heres what I would do.

1.) 4-seam
2.) 2-seam
3.) Change-up/Splitter/Forkball
4.) Curveball/Cutter/Knuckle Curve

Now circle one of each in 3 and 4 whichever are your best pitches and that’s what you should work on.

ohh well i throw,

  1. 4-seam fast ball
  2. 2-seam fast ball
  3. Circle Changeup
  4. forkball
  5. Curveball

Thoes are the pitches i throw regularly. but i mix it up with other pitches though. my catcher and i talk alot and we got sighns for every pitch (some pretty goofy though lol)

People on here don’t show love for the knuckleball, don’t give up on it just practice until it is good enough.

Yeah but it’s one of the hardest pitches to master.

Tim Wakefeild is the master!

If you practice enough you can learn don’t just tell people not to focus on it.

practicing a knuckleball is a waste of time.
There’s a reason there aren’t many of em in the majors.

That is because not alot of people throw them, I’d bet a higher percentage of knuckleballers go pro then conventionals because everyone throws fastball and change-up, nobody hardly throws a knuckleball because they don’t want to take the time.

Yes precious time that most people don’t have so instead of wasting a lot of time on a knuckle ball they can use that same time it would take to master it, if they ever do, to focus on 2 pitches and locating them good.

Yes precious time that most people don’t have so instead of wasting a lot of time on a knuckle ball they can use that same time it would take to master it, if they ever do, to focus on 2 pitches and locating them good.[/quote]

also beacuse 90% of people who try it and it bounces 10 ft short the first throw give up on it then and there cause they dont want to work at something

uh oh, it looks like we might have a RIStar of Knuckleballs forming here.

:lol: :lol:

Yeah but this could actually go somewhere and benefit someone.

I just think in the time it takes to master the knuckle ball you can mast so many more effective pitches.

yeah, more like a quasi-RIStar… he’s the diet coke of RIStar. But yeah, it could go somewhere and be beneficial.

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I realize not alot of people understand the knuckler enough to throw it well, it takes effort, you could go get 2 different pitches instead. But, think about how effective a knuckleball is once it’s practiced enough. I mean if Wakefield can get a no hitter into the 7th and a shutout through the 8th with it. Or if he can be 3rd all time in wins for the Red Sox by throwing mostly knuckleballs then he has something there.

The knuckleball when thrown correctly is the most effective pitch there is. So many people have talked about how hard it is to hit.

John Kruk: “I’d rather have my leg cut off then do that all day you just hope it hits your bat in a good spot”

Pete Rose: “I just took 3 swings and sat down I didn’t want to mess up my swing”

Bobby Murcer: "Hitting Niekro is like eating jell-o with chopsticks, sometimes you get a piece but your usually left hungry.

The only problem you have with it is when you put a little too much rotation on from time to time it gets hit. Really though if you have good velocity on it with little to no rotation then it’s a good pitch.

Very good post. And to quote what you said this can be the same towards any pitch a pitcher throws. If you throw a change-up too fast and its in between your normal change and fastball speed. Or if you leave a curve hanging. This can apply to a lot of different pitches too.

Pustulio in your opinion how much is the knuckler a natural pitch? We had a kid on our summer team a couple years ago, when he was 13, and hadn’t played since he was in little league was throwing me knuckle balls that had very little movement. This is coming from a kid who had very bad mechanics because he didn’t play baseball much but could still throw this pitch good.

It’s one of the few pitches that someone can throw very well without a specific genetic makeup, it is the most frustrating for batters. Sure it doesn’t come naturally to most or hardly anyone. My dad and I both have a nasty knuckleball and I have taken alot of time on it.

I understand that it is true with any other pitch. But, the knuckleball is so delicate that you have to throw it right every single time, you can’t get away with a bad knuckler whereas you might with a fastball and change-up. I just believe that if more people took time to master it it oculd be a great pitch. I is the most difficult to pitch, hit and catch.

I would say that you can get away with a bad knuckleball just as much as a bad curve or a bad change-up. Hitting a slow pitch is still hard even if there isn’t any movement.