What pitches does Greg Maddux throw?

What type of pitches does he throw and how often he throws each of them (in %)? (my english is getting worse, sorry).

Wikipedia didnt help much :slight_smile:

Does he ever throw a 4 seam fastball?

every pitcher throws a fastball

He throws a 2 seam/sinker, pronates off of the circle change, and I think he might throw 1 or 2 curves at most per game. What he does better than anyone else ,ever, is change speeds and locate, he throws to contact with his pitch. The typical action of his sinker is 3 dimensional, so it can start over the middle and move down and in on a righty, this as well as his change get ground balls and low pitch innings. His yearly goal isn’t won and lost its how many innings…he aims for 200 per year, the logic being simple yet profound, the later he can get you in a game the better the chance it’ll be a positive outcome.
You might say I’m a bit of astudent of him.

So he throws a four seam sinker curve and change up. Hes sinker, is it throwin just like a two seam fastball or does he make some changes?

I don’t think I’ve ever seen him throw a 4 seam (Typically a 4 seam is a power pitch that “rides up” also said to be a rising fb, not Madduxonian. From appearances his sinker is a traditional 2 seamer with pronating (Hes always kept stuff like that to himself) he definately pronates on his change which is why he gets it to act like his sinker only slower. If you were lucky to see the dog fighjt he had with Jason Schmidt last July on ESPN Sunday night Baseball you saw Maddux at his most brilliant…he threw one curve…to Barry Bonds it was in an unhittable spot. 76 pitches over 8…what can you say?

He also throws a cutter

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I wouldn’t dispute you, but I will say that he manipulates his fb to get the action he wants pitch to pitch. Classic Greg is sinkers righty, changes to lefty, curve when he wants you to break someone who is zero’ed in.

He throws everything but the kitchen sink—and some people believe he throws that too. :wink:

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Reading this particular thread, I had to smile, because I was reminded very strongly of another finesse pitcher of several decades back. Eddie Lopat was a prime example—not much on speed (or so he wanted batters to think) but the owner of a whole closetful of offspeed and breaking pitches—at least 24 of them, although I think it was much more than that. Lopat was a master of deception, misdirection, and misleading batters into thinking he was going to throw one pitch and then coming in there with another one, which he did all the time! Gee whiz, he even threw a pretty good knuckleball now and then.
And he once said that every pitcher has a favorite patsy. The Cleveland Indians, who at that time were a very good team, were his, and from the time he came up to the American League in 1944 he zeroed in on the Tribe. In no time at all he became the one pitcher they feared more than anyone else in the league. He ended up with a 40-13 lifetime record against them.
I know all this, because for almost four years—starting in 1951, when I asked him something about the slider and his response was to take me aside and show me how to throw a good one—he was my de facto pitching coach, and what I learned from him was nothing short of priceless. And so I’m saying that Greg Maddux was a very similar type of pitcher. :slight_smile: