What pitch is this?

I had one of my 13-year old players show me a pitch that I’m not sure what it is called-or if it is harmful to throw at their age.

You basically hold it as if you were making a U with your throwing hand and throw like you would a football. I tried it and it sure looks like a slider, but that’s not how I was taught to hold/throw a slider.

If it is indeed a slider or it’s evil twin-I want to cease in their throwing of it. Unless someone out there can identify it and prove otherwise.

Thanks for your input.


its how i used to throw my slider last year. i tried throwing it this year and my arm started throbbing. stop them from throwing it as right now im worried i injured my arm

I believe that is what they call the LITTLE LEAGUE CURVE. It has more action like a slider but as long as the wrist does not turn when they throw the ball there is no harm. This is what I teach our 9 and 10 year olds when learning a curve, you set the position in your glove before you pitch and keep in the wrist straight. All four fingers are on the outside of the ball and the thumb is on the inside of the ball for a RH pitcher. Thrown corrrectly it can get very good action across and downward at the end.

the football change. i know 2 people on the site that throw it. its a change with a huge break. but just for little leaguers. no one can hit. too late for me now