What pitch grip is this? (pic enclosed)

It looks like a fastball grip with his pinky sticking out. But I can’t tell where the seams are. He also could have his fingers together rather than spread. But my main question is why does he have his pinky sticking out? Is it to allow more drag on his wrist, therefore less arm speed, and taking a little off the pitch? Just curious if anyone has experimented with this.

seems to be a 2seam fastball

As for the pinky, a major league hitter would spot this as maybe a changeup of some sort which can throw off timing.
Only pitch i know where a pinky is used is a circle changeup but this cleary shows he is holding the ball with his index and middle finger.

2 seam!

I think its a curve look @ his hand!

complete the motion, hell prolly take it down.