What Other People Say

You may be in a situation where other people have opinions, either expressed casually or vocally, that seem to be a weight with no end in sight. And the things that matter the most to you right now, seem just out of reach because of it.

The most important phrase in that last sentence is … “right now”. And it has greater influence on you than you think.

Right Now - can seem like forever. Right Now - the people that you want hang around with, Right Now - the team that you want to be on, Right Now - the place that you want to be at.
And all of these things seem to hit a bump in the road with people who give you an appraisal of who they think you are, or even worse, where they think you’re not! Again, … Right Now.

But under no circumstances does that mean that you have to let people tell you who you ARE. Nor do these people have any place to tell you what you can BE. No sir, that’s up to you and you alone.

If you have the desire and the what forever to pitch, get your driver’s license, buy your first car - GO FOR IT. Just be mindful of what it takes personally, inside, to do the homework first. Also, get a grip on the surroundings. If you’ve got a “favorites club” in the area, and you’re just not one of those on the inside - be realistic on your chances.

Life is such a short, precious journey. Understand the ride of your life - IS YOUR LIFE.

Coach B.

Wonderful insights. I love the way you present them too thank you Coach B.

Ed Lopat told me a very funny story about when he had just come to the Yankees from the White Sox. The Yanks had an absolutely devastating relief pitcher named Joe Page who had one pitch—but what a pitch! an absolutely overpowering fast ball. Page used to get on Lopat, razzing him about the fact that all he threw was “junk”—and then one day Lopat stopped him. He said, “Yeah, Joe, you’re right. I do throw junk. But look, Joe, you can go out there and get the batters out with the stuff you have. But to get the batters out with the stuff I have—that takes brains.” And he tapped his head for emphasis. You can be sure that Page stopped getting on him.
I had a variation of that when people would get on me for throwing my vast assortment of snake-jazz. I simply said to them, “You think you can do better? Grab a glove and get out there on the mound and pitch.” Invariably they would shut up. :lol: