What of season weight lifting should i do?

i am in 10th grade haven’t really done much weight lifting but would like to start too. if anybody as anything to say so i can think about it. thanks and i hope to get some reply

well if you are a pitcher look at mr.ellis’ tuff cuff program. its on his website

Yeah “TUFFCUFF” is a good program to follow. Leglifts are good to do. 75-80% of your power is your legs. Push-ups, curls, pull-ups and sprints are good for your. Try to kepp throwing through the offseason, it will keep you in tune, and strengthen your arm a little. Goodluck, By the way I am in 11th grade varsity pitcher. :slight_smile:

Dear Mason:

Send me your email address on a Personal Message and I can give you our program’s weight lifting schedule. It has helped our players gain a lot of strength over the years.


Coach Kreber