What Muscles are important while pitching - article

Recently I found an artcle that discusses which are the most important muscles in pitching. It was a good read and has a lot of information. But I have no idea how true or if its true at all.


Well it is the NPA so it must be true. :lol:

I guess Im adding some trapezoid workouts haha

Overhead shrugs with 10 lb dumbells are quite a challenge. Arms at about a 60 degree angle relative to parallel with the ground.

I forget the exact muscles, but a typical shrug movement reinforces a usual muscle imbalance, overhead shrugs stimulate the traps and help to correct the imbalance to my knowledge. I will have to look up the specifics.

It’s not clear who wrote the article but the study it describes sounds like the work of the ASMI - not the NPA.

Oh, how can you tell? I’m just interested what distincts the different groups or whatever.

The terminology used doesn’t sound like what I’m used to hearing from the NPA. The breakdown of the pitching delivery into those six phases is not something I’ve heard from the NPA. The specific study involving the use of electrodes placed on the body is more medical in nature and not something the NPA is equipped to perform. And the article says “The people at AMSI in Birmingham Alabama have created a step-by-step guide on each individual phase of throwing.