What MLB pitchers have very "loose" arms?

Coaches and scouts talk about having a “loose” arm. I’m trying to comprehend what they mean by loose…what MLB pitchers have the loosest, whippy arms?

How can you work to make your arm loose?

Jonathon sanchez or the sf giants. He has a very lazy arm action but can get up to 96 mph on the gun

Neftali Feliz is the first guy that comes to my mind

I would say that pitchers who have what is called a “loose” arm are the ones whose arms seem to just go along for the ride because they get the power behind their pitches from using the lower half of the body—they use the legs, the hips and the torso in one seamless, continuous motion. I have seen a lot of pitchers with such effortless arm action, and if more were to do this—get the whole body into it—the number of sore arms would diminish markedly. :slight_smile: 8)

I personally think if you watch Randy Johnson in his prime there is a perfect example of what a lot of people mean when they say “loose arm”

guillermo mota has one of the loosest arm around if you ask me