What makes a team successful?

Today I got an email from one of my coaches asking us to email him back with our “Team IQ” by telling him what we thinks make a team successful. I want some feedback on what I just wrote as well as if you think anything is missing. The reason I am doing this is I don’t want this email to come off as if I am not a team player. I want to sound like a team player, but you will get what I mean when I post what I plan to send off:

Coach --------,
In order for the team to have “It” I believe that this all has to be centered around individual sacrifice. This one thing may not be the most glorifying, it may not be what we want to do, but it will be what takes this team to the next level (in my opinion). As a team, we have to learn to give it all not only on the field, but off. Within the classroom with our grades, the cafeteria with our nutrition (both in season and during the off season), the extracurricular activities (being constructive with extra hitting sessions, not partying), and just all in all, being well rounded individuals. These are just a few of the things we need to aware of that our choices affect the outcome of our success as an individual, team, and in the long run, as adults.
As freshmen come in, or even as returning college baseball players, not everyone has everything right. In fact, I do not think there is a single guy that has everything down. Some guys will struggle in the classroom, others will struggle making good choices off the field (and on it), or many may lack the knowledge required simply to build a foundation on which to be successful. That is where it becomes the job of each teammate to try and help the other to his best ability. This means helping a guy in math class who does not get things as easily as you do, or asking for help from a great hitter since you are having issues with your swing. Simply, it is going to be better to surround ourselves with people who can help us to be successful and get rid of the ones who will not make us successful. The guys that are more worried about partying on the weekend, or playing video games instead of doing homework, we either need to change their behaviors or remove them from our line of sight. It is much easier to be caught into destructive behavior than to help another out of that behavior. Please do not get me wrong, I am not saying leaving our teammates to fend for themselves if they consistently make bad decisions, but I am saying we need to take action every single time with the thought in mind of, “How can I sacrifice for the team?” Anybody who is not willing to sacrifice for the team really should re-evaluate why they are out here.
To summarize what I think makes a good team:
-Sacrifice for the team…There is no room for the individual
-Ask for help when it is needed…Do not wait for help to come around
-Surround yourself with people who will drive you to be successful…Not those who tear you down and advocate bad habits
-Focus on becoming more well-rounded as a ballplayer and individual…Do not rely on your strengths to do the job
-Give 100% effort and attitude in all that you do…anything less in unacceptable

Very Respectfully,
C-------- O-----

I think you made your arguement in a persuasive and intelligent way.
Personally I believe that to understand sacrifice in the right perspective, a person has to believe that the opportunity to sacrifice is a gift, it’s a choice that says “The world doesn’t revolve around me and if I want to get the most out of it, I have to give the most into it”. Life is a participant sport.
Good point and presentation sir.

Thanks for the response JD. Coach actually compiled bullet points from all of our emails. People were actually complaining about having to respond to that email and say what they thought would give our team IT. Now I am glad that I have said what I said.

hmm maybe good players and fans because you need money to get good players