What makes a pitcher different from other positions?


WHat i mean with my question.Cant every player throw good? Outfielders have extremely strong arms shortstops and third basemen too ,catchers too.How can u differentiate 2 players who has a potential for a pitcher who for a shortstop.


I’d say the age group and level of competition dictates that answer - I assume. In the early stages of the game, an amateur clubs gets what it can get. On the other hand, as age goes up so does the personality(s) of who pitches and who doesn’t. Coaching usually wants a winner, someone who can hold their own. Unfortunately, just getting the ball over may not be one of the best expectations - but I’ve seen where that’s ok too.
Pitching in competitive baseball draws a personality that’s like night and day, from one pitcher to the next. Being thrown under the bus, sort of speak, produces a negative memory bank that doesn’t go away anytime soon, whereas the taste of a good outing produces a hunger for " Feed me Seymour… feed me."
I’ve seen some very mediocre guys that turned into prospects with just enough encouragement, good coaching and training, placed where they should be in the right situation matching their personality, and so on. (starter/reliever/closer)
On the other hand, I seen real talent collecting splinters, pushed beyond reason, and left to themselves.
When I was a very young, my next door neighbor was a Presbyterian Minister. I went to collect some money for raking leaves and his wife directed me to his office in his home. On the credenza behind him were two plants. One was wilted and all dried up, the other blossomed nicely. As I held out my hand and collected my money, he notice that I was glancing at the two plants, side by side. He told me that every living thing needs attention, nourishment and time to grow and prosper. I didn’t think much about it at the time - but as I grew older, I came to appreciate the man’s wisdom.
So to answer your question, from my perspective, if a man shows an interest and willing to learn - all he/she needs is attention, nourishment and time to grow and prosper.

The Minister also told me that a good deed is it’s own reward. I smiled and mentioned that at the time, I understood that the75 cents that I was receiving as reward enough. After all, a deal was a deal.


That was really motivating.