What Makes A Nightmare Sports Parent


A very good article that makes you think. I feel the “The Five signs of good and bad sports parents” are spot on!

It’s the top half that has me scratching my head a little bit. As a parents, we do things all the time that we feel help our kids grow. Not all these things are going to be what the kids want us to do. And I am OK with not doing everything that my kid wants me to do. If that was the case we would have pizza every night. Never complete any home work and do no chores etc…

This article states we shouldn’t reflect back about the game. The good the bad and the ugly. Isn’t that how we grow and improve? Reflecting back on what worked and what didn’t?

Again this is a survey of elite athletes. They made it! Wouldn’t this kind of be like interviewing a valor victorian that answered, “I wish parents
didn’t review my test scores on a regular basis while I was growing up?”

Without that piece they may have not made it! Maybe I am just an overbearing parent that thinks he can impact his kids lifes!

With out a doubt I love this statement:

[size=18]“I love to watch you play.”[/size]

Good Article, thanks!

Thanks for the food for thought