What kind of weights should I do at the gym?

Im currently training for baseball in dominican republic and I want to start adding weights to my schedule for about an hour every morning. What kinds of weights should I do for my legs, arms, chest and back? Im not really sure what kinds of things to do, the gym im planning on going to has all the machienes I need so if you have anything in particular it wont be difficult for me to find it. If you could make me a workout schedule that would be even better, but even just suggestions on what machienes or what different weight routines to do will be great! My background is im 6 foot 6, i weight about 210-215lbs, got a 85 mph fastball but im looking to get it up to the low 90s.

as of now my current strength training that I do include light 5 lb weights and resistence band work So I think that adding the different workouts and weights to my regimine and getting my velocity up to the low 90s-mid 90s is very possible! Any suggestions are really really appreciated! Thanks Guys!