What kind of pitch is this?

My and son playing catch in yard and messing around with grips. We were different stuff and was having some success with a 2 seam and circle change grip and then he tried this one attached. When he used it he would get some crazy movement, sometimes down and to left, sometimes down to right, and other times just weird looking coming at me. He says he was throwing it just like he does everything else (no turning wrist or anything) just with that grip the ball did crazy stuff. He was not accurate enough with it to throw in a game but my question is what pitch is it and is it safe on his arm to throw? Guessing he is throwing it about 50 mph maybe a little faster, definitely not as fast as his fastball


I don’t think that is a recognized pitch but based on the fact that the amount of fingers on each side of the ball is uneven (1 on the left and 2 on the right) I think that is what is causing the unexpected curve on the ball. As far as safety of the pitch, as long as he is throwing it as he would throw a normal fastball his arm should not be in any jeopardy. And depending on his age if he is less than 10 years old then i would not recommend throwing this often or in a game, 11-14 i would throw that when you start to get more control on it and figure out what your hand is doing with that pitch, and 15+ throw that all day. your batter will be very confused because they cannot identify the pitch and therefore they will swing more because they have even less of an idea of what pitch you will be throwing next. But regardless of age, figure out how to control the pitch before you start throwing in any type of game situation.

“knuckleball”…is the generic name. His finger placement is causing the spin on the ball to be muted. If you have the capability with an iphone, film him and check the spin rate/rotation of this pitch vs. another pitch. Measuring the rate is not important here, just the motion and relative rate.

You will probably see much less spin on this pitch.

As he gets older, the hand will get bigger, and he may not be able to throw this.

Lastly, finger placement matters on elbows for various reason. It’s a long discussion, but be mindful
of this as every pitch takes a toll on the arm/body.