What kind of bat should I get?

I need a new bat, I don’t have one that’s league legal at the moment and I need some advice here.

I say go 1 piece not 2. That’s just my opinion on bats for me I always had trouble with the 2 pieces. Especially if it hit near the break it was always a bad hit. Right now I still have an Omaha from 3 years ago. It’s a nice bat so I’m sure an Omaha would be real nice and not burn a hole in your pocket. EXO’s run pretty expensive but I’ve heard good things about them. Oh and those bats with the white barrels are a lot harder to judge the ball off of as a fielder. I’ve played against a couple of EXO’s and a couple of other white bats and the ball almost blends in with the bat. I know it’s small but when I’m fielding it always bugs me.

Well I’m thinking about getting the new '09 model, it’s not white like the other one. I have heard good things about Exos as well, I think I’m going with the Exo, they seem like really nice bats, and a kid on my team with an Exo hit a walk off grand slam the other day with it. It was nice. I used an Exo in practice the other day and I did like it quite a bit.

Been using a TPX Dynasty since Babe Ruth and into high school. (Granted I bought a -3 for high school, the Babe Ruth was -9) I love this bat sooo much, just feels like a part of me, but I have heard great things about the EXO

I recommend this
bat [the '09 Nike] - its what I’ve used so far this year - the best bat I’ve ever had.

get a demarini cf3. im 6ft and 160 and hit a line drive with 300 feet of carry, then it one hopped a 350 fence

how about the EXOgrid air? What is the diff between this and a regular EXO?


The clubs that your going to roster, do they have equipment… do they provide any metal bats?

Well I’ve been using my buddy’s Exo. Our coach doesn’t have any bats for us to use, just his fungos for practice.

Btw: Exogrid Airs are just different colors.

Exo fasho.

Our coach doesn’t have any bats for us to use, just his fungos for practice.

Your coach… club has no bats!! So, in addition to putting up $$$ for league fees (membership) you gotta spring $$ for your own bat?

Is this T-ball … or do coaches pitch for you?

Coach B.

Lol nice crack there Baker.

Well you gotta’ remember I do live in Wyoming. The state doesn’t even sponsor HS baseball we have to play legion. Nobody in Wyoming wants to fund like that for baseball.

its not the bat its the one using it

Yes I understand that but it’s still nice to have a bat that gives you more pop and is durable. It’s also about how comfortable the bat is. Just because someone wants a bat doesn’t mean he isn’t a good hitter, it’s the people who switch bats every day that actually think it’s the bat that are doing that.

up until recently, white bats were banned in little league for this exact reason.