What it takes to play Division 1 ball

Hey guys,

Its been a while since ive posted here and its mostly because Ive been busy with showcase ball around the NC and SC area. This past weekend we played in a Heat Showcase at Pfeiffer and Wingate University. The Coach at Pfeiffer University was gunning me and i dont know what it read. I know I am low to middle 80’s topping out at 87 mph and right now I have gotten a few D2 offers and some other coaches at the CC are interested in me. For instance, Limestone College has offered me to play there recently, I graduate in 2010, and I havnt commited yet. That is the biggest offer Ive gotten. Usually when i pitch I am low 80’s with crazy movement and a devastating sinker. I usually strike out a lot of hitters and usually the only reason the other team scores is because of errors on my team (aka the sinker that gets the ground balls). I know I have the opportunity to go d1 and the schools I am most interested in are UNCC, WCU, UNC-Asheville, and possibly Wingate (D2). My question is with all these tools as a pitcher what do i need to do to get noticed by these D1 schools?

You didn’t mention your grades…grades and the above mentioned skills can get you into D-1. Are you contacting folks? Or having your travel or High School coaches contact folks for you? Along with grades what are your SAT or ACT scores…these things are absolutely critical and having as high a score as you can is necessary.
One suggestion, target 3 or 4 schools, find out if they will need pitching when you graduate, get in touch and let them know your desire… Ask them if they have camps or seminars that you can attend in order to let them see your skills and let you know how you can improve to participate in their programs (Hustle like a mad man and pay attention like no one else!! Be genuine but if it’s your desire…they’ll see it). I would personally call them and then drop them a note following up the call. I would schedule and attend their camps, keep my grades as high as possible and make sure they know your Sr. schedule as early as possible so they can come watch. Don’t worry about a video unless they ask for it…for now. If you have a Myspace page…make sure it doesn’t have bad things like irresponsible talk or pictures…Partying is death!!! You need to present as responsible front as you possibly can.

Thanks alot this helps alot my grades are very good i have a 3.75 GPA but have not taken my SAT’s yet. I plan to take them in the spring but I have thought about attending a UNCC camp but I need more information about it and that is really the only school i want to go to. I guess i need to widen my desires.

Nothing wrong with a favorite, but you have to be real…they could have a full staff on scholarship and red shirting is difficult at best. Yes look around, if not UNCC, there are a few very high quality baseball schools in the Carolinas and Va. don’t limit yourself. Good grades…follow up with outstanding SAT scores. I can’t really express to you…well maybe I can, my son would have gotten a full athletic scholarship from Ga Southern and very possibly The University of North Florida (They have both requested schedules from him this year so they can watch him til he grads with an associates) had his grades been better…as it is he has a full ride with a State College here in Florida…not shabby by a long shot…also it means he’ll likely have more mound time this year so we’re not terribly dissappointed…that and the fact that his coach is world class offsets D-1…but D-1 is D-1…Do you remember Spencer from our site (Always one my favorite posters)? He had to deal with being a red shirt, look back I asked him a series of questions about what it was like…I consider it one of the most classic posts ever on this forum…definately some important information for a guy in your position (As a matter of fact I’m going to have Steven put it into the Golden Thread Section because I consider it so important…just as soon as I find it…).


My son , a senior this year, just went through what you’re facing…and so did I. We staretd with a list of about thirty schools ranging from D1, to DII, a few DIII’s and a close look at the JUCOS.

We researched them, I mean we poured through everything, coaches credentials, facilities, SAT entrance requirements, TUITION (This one was important to the old man), location, weather, class size, ratio of student to instructor, strength and conditioning. You get the point. I don’t know quite how to describe it. He targeted some schools that held showcases that attracted other schools, not just a single school workout. Did you attend the Appalachian State Showcase this year? I thought that one was great bang for the buck and seemed to be decently run.

We travelled around and had the coaches give us a tour of several schools. That seemed to be a really eye opening experience. After a visit he pretty much new if the school was a possibility or not. Like you, early in the process he was dead set on going to this particular DI. Like JD said, the first hurdle lots of guys have to get over is the grades and the SAT scores. I can’t tell you how much importance coaches put on that right out of the gate. If you can’t manage decent grades and the time investment to the team that is required, you’re a cement block around the coaches neck. Unless you are a blue chip prospect this is fact. You sound like you might have that part in the bag, if so then I congratulations to you because you have managed to keep many schools on the table that just weren’t there for DINOson.

About the commitment thing…this was just my observation. DINOson’s coach encouraged him to wait until after his senior season but as the search went on it became clear he wanted to get it out of the way and try to sign in the early period. You might feel differently depending on how you are developing and what you want. These are just a few thoughts. By the way, he picked a school that wasn’t even on his top thirty list and he’s very excited about competing there next year.

Good Luck

One of the pitchers for my high school just took a D1 scholarship to villinova. I really didnt see what the scouts liked about him. But he threw about 92-94 and he really didnt have control. He had a really nice changeup and curve.

“I really didnt see what the scouts liked about him”

“But he threw about 92-94”

whats not to like about 92-94

The no accuracy part but that can be taught and controlled, especially at Villanova. You can’t teach velocity but you can work on control (i.e. mechanical flaw).

Husky, who are you playing for this fall … are you by chance in the Charlotte area ? If so, get over to the CBC and see my boy Jeff Schaefer … best in the business and he’ll provide you with some great guideance.