What it really was

A few months ago I began to feel pain in my elbow, so I took time off and tried to let it heal. After not throwing for a while and having it still hurt, I wen’t to a doctor in Bismarck. He said it was inflammation in the inner elbow, suggesting taking 2 weeks off. I did so, and after 2 weeks of not throwing at all, it still hurt. Then I went to a pro scout and asked for advice. He reccommended a doctor and we went to him quickly. He thought it was a problem with the olecranom (sp?) and the joint. After reading the MRI, he said this was the injury. I have 3 options, do nothing, take cortozone shots, or have surgery. Currently I’m taking Celebrex to take away the inflammation and am planning to have surgery May 31 if we don’t make state in baseball. The surgery is orthroscopic and the recovery time is 3 to possibly 6 weeks. They have to scrape some of the bone off so it will fit in the joint the way it’s suppose to. CRAZY

Dang man, the word surgery is always scary.

Althought then seeing 3 to 6 weeks is somewhat more reassuring, still crazy though.

Hopefully everything will workout alright for you just keep the rest of your body up to par while you can’t use your arm and you’ll make an easier transition back to baseball.

I hope all goes well for you and good luck.


I’m glad to hear you finally got the problem figured out. Arthroscopic surgery isn’t that big of a deal in and of itself. I’ve had my knee scoped three times. And I had the back side of my knee cap scraped smooth as well. As surgeries go, it sounds like yours won’t be that bad. 3-6 weeks recovery time is no biggie.

Make sure you get the doctor to set you up with a rehab program for after your recovery. And make sure you work back into it slowly.

Good luck and keep us posted how things go.

this sounds like hte pain in my arm right now