What is your spot in the lineup?

I am a leadoff man. I am definitely a hitter who hits for average, and, not tooting my own horn here , hits for average well.

When do you bat in the lineup? What kind of hitter are you?(Power,contact etc.)

it really depends on what team 'm playng on, if i play on a 15u team, i usually hit 5th. if i play on a 14u team, i usually hit 3rd. i would say that i’m somewhat of a power hitter, but its kinda hard for 14 yr olds to hit homeruns on 350 ft fields, so i’m mostly a doubles kind of hitter

I hit a 350 shot this year as a 14U player 8)

But as for the lineup, usually I would be 3 or 4 but as of latley 9 because I’ve been in a huge slump. Although, the last three games ive gone 5-10 I will probably soon get moved up.

I don’t hit. :?

I hit 5th in the lineup and recenty hit my first home run! But because our team is so good and everyone in front of me is a good hitter i probibly will stay in the 5 spot the rest of the year.

I hit near the bottom of the order, everyone else is older than me, so i get stuck in the bottom of the order. I am more of a contact hitter, just singles for me.

This year for varsity I was a sophomore and hit 2,5,6,7,8 throughout the year but most of the games in the 6 spot. I am a contact hitter and not a power hitter at all, I only had 1 extra base hit this year and that was a double.

I’m usually the 6 hitter in our lineup I’m a left handed batter, I’m an rbi guy and I am sort of a gaps hitter, I do have a home run this year though and I’m hoping to hit one or two more, but I hit for a decent average and my power is to that right center gap (too bad I don’t play in Yankee Stadium lol).

The more consistant you are the more you will stay at a spot in the lineup. Alot of you guys are saying that you dont hit for much power, that wikk come with time for the younger players. If you want to hit for more power hit you have to use your legs. Look at baseball tonight and see the hips and knees ofguys that consistantly drive the ball. My hitting coach in pro ball used to call it the sit and spin. Once you stride you and cock your hands back you start your swing from your hip, leg and right or left side of your abs depending on what side of the plate you hit from. The reason you dont hit the ball hard consistantly is due to the fact that your hands get through the zone before your knee and hips. You need to stride early to give your body enough time to help your arms power the swing. Imagine your right or left hip and your left or right knee having a laser-beam attatched to it. Just before your bat your bat comes through the hitting zone those laser-beams should be pointing at the pitcher. Watch Pujols and A-rod hit their hands are the last part of their swing to move.

^ Great description of rotational hitting. KUDOS to that.

0 at bats in 2 years of varsity baseball.

[quote=“Jacobs 18”]0 at bats in 2 years of varsity baseball.
Haha.[/quote]Welcome to my life. Nothing wrong with being a pitcher only!

I hit a 350 shot this year as a 14U player 8)

But as for the lineup, usually I would be 3 or 4 but as of latley 9 because I’ve been in a huge slump. Although, the last three games ive gone 5-10 I will probably soon get moved up.[/quote]
i’m not saying i haven’t done it… i’m just saying that it’s not a daily occurence.

On my house league team, I move all over the line up. On my select team, I’m one of the better RBI guys, so I’m usually hitting 4 or 5. Sometimes I get moved down to beef up the offence at the bottom.

You just described my sophomore varsity year to a tee. This year as a junior I was a number two. I hit for average a little big of slugging, over 500 ONB, so I did my job, I scored 26 times in 24 games and we lost 9 total.

Leadoff, I’m the line drive hitter and base stealer avg. 4 stolen bases a game

Leadoff as well. warning track power and good average you could say

I hit in the number 3 spot…and im a power hitter…9 homeruns baby

Well i was 14 this season and i hit 5th behind our lefty and i hit well over average and also i hit for power if our fields where smaller i would have had a homer which was about 300 feet…but hopefully i can get a little more “oomph” on my bat speed as i am trying to work out a lot and also going up a level should be better considering how they throw faster.

I usually bat 4th or 5th in the lineup, and I hit third once. I hit a 370 ft homerun 2 weeks ago, definitely my offensive highlight so far, haha