What is your second position?

Just wondering what everyones second position is. And to any one who plays 1B do have any tips for me (just started learning.)

im at third or second

  1. When a fielder is throwing you the ball, keep both heels on the bag until you know exactly where the ball is going, make your stretch according to that location as to not commit early. I think the college world series was lost when the first basemen committed straight to the 2nd baseman and the ball was thrown slightly wide. If you don’t commit yourself to a certain direction, you will have an unbelievable span of coverage, while staying on the bag.

  2. Knock everything down.

That’s basically 1B :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there anyone here who just pitches and doesnt play the field at all? One of my buddies does that and it doesnt seem like it would be as much fun.

I usually play RF, sometimes DH. (yeah, i’m a bad fielder)

Well I had a hard time deciding because really, I don’t play just 1 position.

I play both center and left field, 1B and 3B (I hate third though). I really don’t pitch that much to be honest, I have alot of knowledge but, my coaches are just always against the knuckleball.

For 1B tips just do what was said before and don’t commit early, also if you have a lefty with a good pickoff move (which I did), observe the small, simplest of things in his delivery and you’ll learn which way he’s coming, like Andy Pettitte just has a slightly lower leg kick when he throws over, someone who doesn’t look for that doesn’t pick up on where he’s going. Or if you still can’t read him tell him to give you a sign like a slight twitch or something.

When im not piching im almost always in cf or im DH alot now that I am a switch hitter

Im a “picther only” but I also pinch-hit a lot because I am a good hitter, but dont get a shot at it cuz my coach plays big time favorites. I mean in Summer Ball against college teams (community college) I got to play DH and I had the highest BA, had close to 15 doubles, 2 HRs, and an ass load of RBIs. So I guess I proved my point, but I still wont get to hit, only pinch hit.

I also play a little 1B, but I quit that a year ago to be a pitcher only.

So basically in practice I throw, stretch, run, stretch, hit, and walk around. Not the most glamorous thing to do haha.

Its easy for me to learn 1B because my Dad was a great 1B man
tell me if you think he was good
.800 BA,had 45 SB in career,Never had a error in 4 years had a play that saved his teams chances of a championship.MVP of his league.2nd team All-American choose to get a job in construction instead of going to college.
Well maybe the last one wasn’t a good choice but hell I still love him.

All 3 OF spots, and a ultility IF.

my 2nd position is team clown/cheerleader if im not pitching i make it my duty to keep every1 on the bench loose and in the game im absolutely terrible at everything but pitching
ALTHOUGH last year in the pitchers vs fielders game i played a mean 2B

im play OF, 1B and mid infield

1st base, RF and LF, and got some time at short this year (what the heck) pitchers aren’t short stops!!!

My first position is 1B.

My second position is RF.

My third position is P.

pretty much everyone on here is 1st basemen. pretty easy postion.

my dad said in an extra inning game they put in the lefty fernando. :shock:

but to buwhite. pitchers are shortstops! ok maybe just me

I totally disagree with 1st being a pretty easy position, maybe if you don’t really learn the position.