What is your favorite Simpsons episode?

Well, I am a Simpsons nerd myself. I started to watch it about 3 years ago and after then, I got hooked on it. Even with the bad episodes nowadays, it is a joy for me to nitpick the aspects taht show is not being capable of doing as good as how they used to do. Some of the newer ones are pretty good, but the consistency between good ones… is far cry from past

anyways, here are my top favorites:

‘The Last Temptation of Homer’ (Season 5)
Homer falls in love with a woman who eats like him, lives like him and… is very similar ot him in many ways except for appearance. When they are chosen to be in the nuclear power convention, Homer is in much more desperate situation on losing his faith on Marge

‘Lisa’s Wedding’ (Season 6)
The story takes to future. Lisa meets her dream man in the college and they get engaged in England. But it turns out that her fiance is disdainful towards the Simpsons and shocks Lisa before wedding that he does not want the family to visit the couple after wedding.

‘Duffless’ (Season 4)
When Homer is caught at DUI, he reluctantly promises Marge to give up beer for months. Meanwhile, Lisa tries to take revenge on Bart of destorying her science project.

It is impossible for me to pick a favorite episode of The Simpsons. Too much funny stuff!