What is your favorite glove for pitching?


My last post was about the most stiff glove and I didn’t receive much feedback. What I’d like to know, and I’m aware it will be opinionated, is everyone’s favorite glove model for pitching? I like a bigger stiff glove, preferably with a finger hood and modified trap web? Does anyone know a model similar or have their own favorite model?


Rawlings Pro Mesh. Black.

Gloves are such a personal preference. It’s like deodorant. Or cologne. Or shampoo. I’d just make sure it’s between 11-1/2 and 12 inches, solid color with a closed web. All black if you’re a badass pitcher :slight_smile:


Back in the day, A2000-L with the closed hinged web.

My non-pitching glove was the A2000-XLC.

Today, because I like to reduce the wear and tear on my older gloves, I have a Rawlings 125th Anniversary PRO1179-125. I like it a lot.
My infield glove was the Rawlings XPG2

My mitt was Rawlings RCM30B


That’s an awesome cowhide right there. Seriously.



I grabbed all the other images off the web with the exception of my A2000-XLC…that’s my glove I got in 1984 and that photo was taken a few months ago after I cleaned it and relaced it. All of my gloves are still field ready. In fact, my son uses all of them.

I did break down and get him an All-star CM3000SBT for this spring and he loves it.


I like the look of the modified trap, but I relace my own gloves and that looks a bit complicated and time consuming :fearful:

As I said, I like the look of them and if you do some custom colors with the lacing it can look really sharp!