What is your advice for high school pitchers who are potential college recruits?

What is your advice for pitchers who are potential recruits about the college recruiting process and what to think about when making arguable one of the biggest decisions of their lives?

What advice did you or your son receive that was most helpful?

We received no advice at all. There are several things I would tell a young player, learned most of these the hard way…
Realize the coach is acting as a recruiter with you, nothing more. He may really like parts of your game, but, he also likes all or parts of the game of the other 7 guys he is talking to that play your position.

Number one thing in selecting a school should be educational goals…is the school strong in your desired major?
Education first, baseball second or third when selecting a school.

Are you a big campus guy or a small campus guy? It is not unusual for a kid who is most comfortable in a small town/small school atmosphere getting caught up in latching on the biggest name school they can, getting to a school with 40,000 full time students in a big city and being miserable.

Where will you be living while going to school? Relates to above. I don’t care where you are going to school, living in cockroach invested dorms surrounded by people partying until 3 am every morning sucks if you are a serious student/player.

How much do underclassmen play/redshirt? If your desire is to play, sitting for two years before getting a real shot can be frustrating. Going to a JC and playing right away or a smaller school may be an option if you want to play asap.

How deep is the team at your position/skill? See above.

If it is a 2 year school, how many guys move on to bigger schools and to what level? It is not super uncommon to see 2 JCs in the same conference, one will move one or two pitchers every couple of years to a small D2 or an NAIA school (nothing wrong with that) while the other school moves 5 guys a year to programs all up and down the scale. Maybe the one coach is better connected, maybe they develop players a lot better.

Talk to former players if you can…and not just the ones that the coach gives you their number. This can give good insight into the coaching style, approach, mentality…everything from throwing program to dealing with injury to whether the guys is a screamer, yeller and cusser or if he is an arm around the shoulders kind of coach (99% chance he is a screamer).

Go watch games of as many different schools at as many different levels as you can.

Make sure you speak and visit with your position coach if you are on a visit, find out how he works, what his approach is.

Visit the schools you are most interested in. Take a day, check out the campus and surrounding area, slip into a class or lecture if you can.

Be very honest about an assessment of yourself as a player and a student…where do you best fit? No rose color glasses and no bashing yourself, just be as honest as you can and ask others (coaches, scouts etc).

Thats it off the top of my head.

It is a crazy process for a kid who, most likely, has never lived away from home or made many of their own choices.

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