So lately I’ve been pitching terribly. I mean I can’t seem to keep the ball down like I used to, I’m constantly falling off the mound when I used to have a pretty balanced finish, and my pitches just flat out stink.

Here’s basically what I’m talking about:
IP:7 1/3

IP:11 2/3
HBP:1(on purpose though)

And today I don’t know what went on since I had NOTHING working. Here’s basically the difference between today’s start and the appearances I had before these last 3:
Fastball:Usual-Has a lot of “life” and either runs or dives down depending on arm angle, and control was never really a problem
Today-Was flat, no control, was left belt high or higher, and my pitching coach said how it looked atleast 7mph slower than usual

Slower Curve:Usual-Good break and I would use it as my main off speed pitch. Could use as a first strike pitch and just sneak it in the strikezone, or I could get guys chasing it.
Today-No control, I could get it into the strikezone for some cheap strikes but I couldn’t getting it to do anything else, plus it had a really early break so you could tell when it was coming.

“Power” Curve:Usual-Nice late, sharp break and it was my secondary out pitch. It would come in about belt high and then just fall off.
Today-Couldn’t even start it above the knees so it always came short of home.

Cutter:Usual-This pitch basically got me the spot I have on the team. It comes in like a fastball and I can usually make it break anywhere from a few inches to get that back door effect or I can get it to break the length of home plate getting guys completely off balance.
Today:It was flat and I doubt it hit 70. If it moved at all it just went straight down and I couldn’t get it out of the dirt.

Change-Up:Usual-Isn’t much of a pitch as is but I could usually keep it down
Today-Only got to throw it once and it ended up over the catcher’s head.

So I know that I’m probably not going to get many responses since no one has actually seen me pitch, so they can’t say change this and that. But can anyone give some generic advice? Like well when I leave my fastball up it means I’m doing this wrong, when my curveball has no break I____, etc. Also, one thing I’ve thought of is that the game before these last three I injured my landing knee. It’s been sore since I injured it but it has only flared up in one game, I didn’t notice it in the other two. So maybe that’s a reason? Also, I plan on asking my pitching coach to have a bullpen sometime this weekend and have him watch so maybe I can record my mechanics during that, and compare it to some videos my mom has of me from earlier this yr.

Just relax a rough stretch will only last so long, trust me i almost gave up pitching earlier this year because of one. If your still going through some mental stuff just relax, keep working on each pitch at a time and good results will come. Also have your coach look at your mechanics and help you.

So I just finished talking with my grandpa and he told me how when he first showed up to the game and saw me warming up he thought it was someone else starting since “My fastball was much slower and had no movement like usual, and my leg kick was nowhere near as high as it used to be.”

So he hasn’t been to my last three games so he hasn’t seen any of my bad appearances til yesterday. And noticed my leg kick right away.

So could a low leg kick be the source of my problems?:no velocity, no control, little movement, and no balance on my follow through.

Any advice?

Anything can totally throw your mechanics off, leg kick, stride length, arm angle, head position…you name it. Do you have video of you before and after…post it here if you got it and see if there are differences.

yea I have some video of me pitching in some scrimage games and I’m going to ask my coach if I can throw a bullpen sometime this weekend and I’ll try to record that.

That would be awesome…it could really be telling about your if it’s mechanical or something else. Hope to see it soon.

make sure you’re getting your arm up in the “power L” position early enough as well. I went through a similar stretch and now I’ve been near lights out since fixing that. Good luck!

So today I was talking with my pitching coach and he told me that he noticed that I wasn’t keeping my front side closed, I landed on a stiff front leg instead of a bent front knee or "shock absorber, and I didn’t throw any of my breaking stuff out in front. So anyone have some suggestions on how to fix these?

alright so I just got a video of me throwing a little. I wasn’t being too serious but it’s something you know?
anyway there’s the link to the mechanics topic, the link to the vid is on that page.

Just checked out the video. I tried my best to break it down and it appears your landing with your hips slightly open which could be the reason behind the drop in velocity. Also, as you start your movement towards home plate, it seems your upper body begins to lean back. Try keeping your upper body more straight up, this could help with your control. Just like what was stated earlier in this thread, everyone goes through a rough patch, just keep working at it and you’ll get it back. Hope this helps!

Go out and find a slump buster.

Slump buster? If you mean a bad team hopefully that comes this week since we have three low seeded teams in a row and then play offs start next week…

Google slump buster.

I used to hear all sorts of stories—nightmarish horror stories—from pitchers at all levels, from LL all the way up to the majors, all centering on this one theme: “My stuff isn’t working!” These tales of woe can, and did, take any one of a number of forms—fastball loses its hippity-hop, curveball hangs, slider is flat, knuckleball refuses to knuckle, strike zone jumps around like a jackrabbit on steroids, can’t find the plate, et al. But all of them at once? That’s what I’m hearing from you, and believe me, I can sympathize with you, because I remember having a nightmare about this. Not to mention the slider and the knuckle-curve going into hiding and refusing to come out, and in the nightmare I had, when I went out to take the mound I discovered that the batters had all grown to twelve feet high and the bats to six feet long!
In your case I can only suggest that you get together with your pitching coach and take the whole thing apart, one pitch at a time, and see what is going on with your stuff that it has up and deserted you. Sometimes one has to do that, dismantle and analyze everything, apply corrective measures and put the whole repertoire back together again. In my case—
Well, it turned out to be something that threatened to become very real: an underlying anxiety about my ability to pitch in tight spots with less than my best stuff. My pitching coach—an active major-leaguer—had an unusual psychological strategy up his sleeve, one I’d had no idea he knew anything about, and one afternoon outside Yankee Stadium he used it to knock the whole thing out of commission, restore my confidence and give me more reassurance and reinforcement than I had ever thought possible, and completely demolish any anxiety I had about this situation. The next day I was scheduled to pitch, and I went out there and threw a two-hit shutout, no walks, twelve strikeouts, and I never had that problem again.
So—whatever works to get you back on track, do it! 8)