What is wrong with me?

ok im a senior in high school and throw hard and all but i feel that if i were able to gain more weight i could even put on more velocity. im 6’0 and i only weigh 140 soaking wet. if that even.

i need something to help me gain weight. i can eat and eat and eat but never ever ever gain weight. it sucks! please please respond to this. this is serious. i am sooooo skinny and want to be bigger and weigh a lot more!! i can be 141 at the bottom of my stairs and literally by the time i run up the stairs in my house im back down to 140 lol. maybe a little falsely put there but it seems like this.

Thank you!!!

Need to increase your calorie intake.

Maybe try “Serious Mass”


Or you can try the GNC brand Mass XXX. Its like 950 calories a scoop and has a ton of protein in it. Combine that with some lifitng and a 4000 (at least) calorie a day diet, and you should gain some weight.

Also, if you are open to the idea, give creatine a shot. I put on 30 lbs in one summer my first cycle of creatine before my sophomore year of high school.

you could just carbo-load with one of those supplements, or think up a healthy balanced diet that meets your caloric requirements.

here’s my opinion on most people who tell me they eat and eat and can’t gain weight.

it’s as simple as:
eat breakfast
eat mid morning snack
eat lunch
eat post workout shake
eat dinner
eat before bed

make sure each of these is a distinct meal, 500-800 calories, no processed foods, lots of meat, fruit, nuts, water (or my favorite: green tea)

You are not eating enough. Track your caloric intake.

You need to eat McDonalds. And pizza. I am not joking. If you have problems getting enough calories from “clean” foods, you need to eat whatever else you can get your hands on.

i eat mcdonalds like every other day. no joke.

Track your caloric intake at Fitday.com for 30 days. Then report it here. I bet you’ll find you are coming way under caloric necessity to create a surplus and gain weight.

Shoot for 4000 calories per day. You won’t get there, but you need to eventually if you want to put on some weight.

Drink liquid calories - lots of whole milk.

My guess is you have an extremely high metabolism. I used to know someone in New York, a very fine jazz pianist named Horace Silver, who had the same problem—no matter how much he ate he always worked it off. In a way you’re lucky—you’ll never get fat. But you do need to put on a good deal of weight if you want to build up your strength, and most likely the best way to do this is to eat a lot—four or five big meals a day, plus high-calorie snacks, and that includes things like ice cream! (You lucky stiff, you!) And get plenty of rest. Keep track of your weight, and if you aren’t making any progress, do see a doctor and get his (or her) advice. :wink: :slight_smile:

Don’t worry about your weight it will drive you mad! Nolan Ryan signed at 155 lbs. So many pitchers worry about gaining weight so that they can throw harder.
Weight comes with maturity and time. I weighed 150 lbs graduating High School and throwing maybe 85ish and I tried gaining weight eating a ton of calories (empty calories) the kind if you eat when you’re older you pack on the pounds. Well, now I’m 220 6’3’ but have weighed up to 240 which for me is overweight. I blame it on eating too much and getting in the wrong habits at an early age “trying to gain weight”, again the wrong kind.
The important thing, because we all have different body types, is to keep your body fat to 12%. I say that specific amount because the best major league pitchers that stay healthy and can explode to home plate have an average of 12% so don’t worry about weight worry about body fat, which at this point of your career you don’t have much. lol
Lay of the burgers, eat healthy and the weight will naturally come on.
If you want to increase velocity take a look at your stride length. Are you striding at least as long as you are tall; 100% of your height? Are your hips rotating aggressively after foot strike or just before it? Are you relying too much on your throwing arm for velocity as opposed to your legs and hips? There are many mechanical things you can do to improve velocity, but keep your mind off the weight, you are focused on the wrong thing.

I disagree with the previous post in that 20-30 lbs of muscle (one good offseason for you where you do everything right, training + nutrtition) will actually do a hell of a lot for your velocity, especially if you are already throwing hard for that weight. You could gain 60lbs and still be lean and strong as hell. Why would you wait to “fill out” (whatever that means - a guy like you probably won’t ever “fill out” without extreme changes) when you can make the change NOW.

I’m gonna disagree with kyleb on the mcdonalds for some of the reasons given, in that you don’t want to fall into bad habits that will stay with you when you’re older and may or may not have a speedy metabolism (not to mention other health risks). Go for it once in a while but eat as healthy as you can while still getting in at least 4,000 calories a day. TRACK YOUR CALORIES for a month like Kyle said and see what happens (assuming you are weight training 3-4 times a week HARD you should gain about 3 - 6 lbs of muscle with proper eating).

Cressey (and of course many others) have shown time and time and time again that adding quality muscle while addressing muscular imbalances, tissue quality, etc will not only improve athleticism, aid injury prevention and add a ton of power to your bat at the plate, but most importantly pack on MPH to your fastball.

A kid like you, 6 feet 140, lets say for the sake of argument you’re throwing low maybe mid 80s. 40-60lbs of muscle over the next 2-3 years will almost certainly have you in the low 90s. It’s your decision. If you want it bad enough, and are smart about it (See ericcressey.com for starters) it will happen.