What is this Called?

What do you call that, when your butt is far away from your back foot, during your delivery to gain momentum?

And how can you work on that? besides the Tom House drill thing.

That’s sitting on your back leg my man, improves velocity. King Felix, Tim Lincecum, and Franklin Morales sit on their back legs well, another reason why they are high-quality throwers.


Front Side Tilt to be more exact.

How can you work on it?

The best way for me to work on it is to just focus on doing it when I’m throwing in the bullpen and when I’m warming up . When I do my step behind throwing I’ll work on driving out like that. I don’t agree with everything Dick Mills says but if you really want to work on it, get a video camera and record yourself when you pitch and see if you’re doing it so your not just guessing.

It’s tilt and loading on the back leg. Felix’s right leg is almost bent 90 degrees.

these are excellent teaching pictures. that is the “>” that koufax talks about when he teaches pitching. in the normal pitching motion, the hips get as far in front of the head and shoulders as possible creating enormous tension and torque in the trunk of the body. if you can produce that tension and hold it until you rotate WAY LATE you’ve got something.

you could put king felix’s stride foot on a folding chair (it’s a little lower than a folding chair) and he could suspend in that position. this is what i call the chair drill. then have someone remove the chair from under the stride foot when you are ready, and you throw the pitch at a target by finishing the pitch from that point.

this is backward chaining at its finest. this really works, especially with little guys. showing them a picture of what you want is also very helpful.

if you want to see someone do this to the maximum, look at the pictures of koufax in his book “a lefty’s legacy”. it’s amazing how long he kept his upper body behind his midline moving toward the plate in the pictures of his perfect game. he said it was the best he ever felt and his catcher said he was throwing in excess of 100 mph at the end of the game.

this shoulders level and drive toward the plate making everybody close to the same needs to be thought about very carefully. especially if koufax and gibson are correct and they hav to be, they’re in the hall of fame. they do not say it’s the only way but they decribe in good detail what worked for them. combine that with videos of them in their prime and you have a documented hall of fame motion. and when you lookat today’s greats, they do many of the same things.

it’s not that tough, we just make it that way. if you’re throwing strikes, getting people out and it doesn’t hurt - leave him alone - bob gibson 60’6"

I imagine your legs also have to be very, very strong right?

hips forward, shoulders back, bingo, bango, bongo

bingo, bango, bongo
I love it hammer :smiley:

lots of squats then and leg press