What is the purpose of 45 Ft bullpen?

Something HS here started doing this year. Bullpen (fastball only) from 45 Ft. Obviously not throwing full speed. Seems to me this would result in slowing the body and arm. I may be missing something but don’t see what benefit this can provide. Any thoughts?

At my school we throw from that distance and we call them flat grounds. I’m assuming that they aren’t throwing off the mound here. When we do it we have heavy emphasis on mechanics. We just do it as a way to work our way back to throwing off the mound or we do it just to throw on the side.

They are throwing them from the mound.

Puts emphasis on keeping the ball down as well if your on the mound. If your throwing belt high strikes from 40 feet from the mound, you will be throwing knee high strikes from 60 feet. Has also helped with control and mechanics for me as well.

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first bullpens after coming back from a break or an injury are often at 45 feet. If you want to get the ball down in the zone, I have the catcher set up in front of home plate instead of behind it for bullpens. It helps them be low in the zone from full distance.

Appreciate the information from everyone. Sounds like drill has a purpose. Never heard of it before now.

I often use the 45 ft drill with HS pitchers to work on the snap of the curveball. If a pitcher can get the ball to break correctly at 45 ft it means they are pulling down hard to get the necessary spin before moving back to 60ft.

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