What is the most stiff ball glove?

I am aware of the horween heart of the hides that you can get from Don Morton Sports, but I’m just curious as to what really is the most stiff glove you can buy. I know that the system seven all stars use that nice Japanese leather, but I’m looking to get the hardest of all. I want to spend months breaking it in and as a pitcher a stiff glove isn’t a set back. I’m looking at the rawlings pro6xtc model… BallGloves.us.com - Baseball Gloves and Baseball Mitts - Free Shipping
any other suggestions or anybody know a more stiff glove?

I had that exact same Rawlings in black in high school (Freshman year, I think). Then went with black Zett gloves for years before returning to black Rawlings in pro ball.

This Rawlings pro mesh is my favorite though:

The key with keeping gloves stiff – which is how I preferred them, too – is to avoid smashing it like a pancake in your bag, don’t oil it, and keep tightening the strings. I also got two new gloves every season and would rotate them.