What is the most "overcoached" subject in teaching baseball pitching?

What do you thing coaches/pitchers spend way too much focus on? And I’d be interested to know what you think is the least?

I think over-coached - or maybe inappropately-coached - subjects include arm slot, follow-through and back leg follow-through.

Least coached subjects include set-up on the rubber, glove-side management and timing.


Over-coached: Balance point and finishing in a perfect fielding pose.

Under-coached: gaining speed of movement down the mound and pitching strategy.


“Most overcoached”? Take a number for your next, and prepare to get an earful. By far the one aspect of pitching most coaches, especially at the lower echelons, is zeroed in on is mechanics, and too often those coaches don’t know their elbows from third base when it comes to this subject. You name it, they focus too much on it, whether it be changing a young pitcher’s arm slot or some other esoteric gobbledegook which has nothing to do with throwing strikes and getting batters out. Even in the major leagues you see stuff like this, and it makes me want to go through the roof!


The most over coached action in baseball is the arm action; because most of the time it is “taught” wrongly. When pitchers learn how to move their center of mass correctly, hip rotation back to front, control their glove side and time it all up, and their arm action will often find a cleaner path. Also, through long toss and weighted ball drills, the arm again will find a more efficient way to put force behind the baseball. The best way to teach arm action is get the entirety of the body moving together–better, and let the pitcher throw, a lot to find their way.

Arm inefficiencies can often be fixed by simply timing or speeding up other movements in the delivery. It gives the arm less time to screw up.


Over coached subject: