What is the most effective breaking pitch?

What is the most effective breaking pitch? Also, how do you hold it and throw it? Right now i throw mid-eighties, and i throw a 2-seam fastball and a knuckle ball. All i really need is a very effective breaking pitch.

I throw a knucklcurve which depending on your arm slot could be a 12-6, 1-7, or 11-4 break. Mine is a 12-6 which breaks quite a bit. When I try adn throw it to the top of my catcher’s mask it breaks all the way down and usually ends up in the dirt and the hitter striking out. You hold it with the = part of the ball facing you exactly like the = sign. Then you put your index finger nail on top of the top seam with that being the only part of that finger touching the ball and your middle finger going along the inside of the seams heading toward the batter. When you throw it you show your pinky to the hitter and pull down as hard as you can. It’s is kind of difficult to explain how to throw it on here, but there are pictures of how to throw it on the internet.

Probably the greatest breaking pitch is the sinker if you can throw it with efficiency. It is difficult to explain it on here so just look that grip up too. those are the two breaking pitches that I throw and have had great success with them.

O yea a nice breaking changeup is a great pitch too. Like a vulcan or circle change.

Hey, a fellow knuckler :smiley:

Well, I would say if your k-ball is consistant that really is a breaking pitch, I occasionally go with a curve if my heat and knuckler aren’t top notch or if I feel like playing with the batters head. I don’t really throw a great pitch besides my fastball and knuckler however, the curve can be useful.

you can getaforkball to break its your best pitchi throw mine at 75mph